Saturday, March 22, 2014

Homecoming for 4-10!!! Welcome Home Soldiers!

When you enter the hanger with the large and intimidating helicopters parked inside with a few bleachers and rows of chairs, all you can do to contain your excitement is giggle! I found myself doing this same thing! As I have been in their shoes... wondering if I picked the right dress, hairstyle, etc to show off to my hubby...

Seeing other families that I have seen and grown close to through FRG (Family Readiness Group) events, meetings and gatherings... Wondering if they are feeling the same butterflies...

Music is playing... about American Soldiers, fallen Heros and this amazing country we live in... it all seems to be drowned out by girlish chatter and joyful sounds from children playing!

An announcement comes over the loud speakers... "Ladies and Gentleman... your Soldiers have arrived at Fort Polk"... and then another "Ladies and Gentleman... our ceremony will start in 10 minutes..."

Hearts start racing as you can practically feel them parking outside and lining up!

The music gets louder and bolder as the doors slowly lift and all you can see are the toes of some very familiar boots that have been left by the front door a hundred times before...but right now... this moment... they are the most beautiful sight you have ever seen! Those boots.... have My Soldier in them!

Well... the ceremonies are over and the Soldier are home...playing with their kids, eating every and anything they want and loving their wives! So exciting to see this base practically buzzing! I love it so much! Always a nice reminder of why I love being an Army Wife so much!

I did pretty well holding back the tears but it was amazing, exciting and wonderful seeing all of these families reunited!!!

Welcome Home Soldiers!!! 

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