Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I love this story, shoot, family etc!!! I was so honored, one of my client's hired me because her parents were coming to visit at Fort Polk for a week or so.

When she called me she said... "The last photos they had together were from Olan Mills like 20 years ago for the Church Bulletin! It's time to update!" 

I was all in! "Oh and bring the girls, let's get some shots of them with their grand children too!"

Off to town we went on a lovely, sunny Monday evening!

Olan & Rosie met in High School in a small town in Georgia, fell inlove and the rest is history! Now they have 2 children, 4 beautiful grand-daughters and an amazing marriage 32 years later! 

They are sweet, silly and still very much inlove! You can see with in the smallest detail... as we are crossing a field, Olan's hand stayed on the small of Rosie's back. When asked to look at each other lovingly, they both can't stop giggling... It's love people, and I am honored to have captured it!

Here's to many more wonderful years!! 

I adore sessions like this... because moments are fading and you can't get that back. Especially with your parents. Our time on this earth is so short. Make the most of each moment and capture every single one!

If you are interested in booking a session let me know! 
I am here for ya! 

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